Trademark Watch Program

Trademark and Customs Watch Program (TWP)

EPI International provides Unique Services to protect your Trademark from fraud and counterfeits.

  • Subscribe to our yearly IPR Investigation for your Trademark on most cost -effective
  • Our team will conduct intelligence Investigations on suspect counterfeits goods
  • Locating distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of counterfeit products
  • Intelligence service locating imported shipments of counterfeits products and preventing it from entering the country with cooperation of Supervisory Board on exports and imports, seizure the shipment and legal fine will be applied on importer.
  • You will receive instant and monthly reports with our ongoing Investigations and its finding. ( our reports are always supported with legal documents and pictures )
  • Mailing you samples of counterfeits products found during our investigations.
  • Legal and sweep raid action can be undertaken with cooperation of legal enforcement bodies.
  • Raid actions would be carried out by Law Enforcement agents with assistance of EPI staff.
  • Stay up-to date via our Case Management to receive updates on your TWP online at anytime by accessing secured case Management service.

Trademark and customs Watch Program (TWP) In Egypt From EPI International

We help you to focus on your business and decrease counterfeits products of your trademark in Egypt.

Our International clients:

  1. Casio
  2. John walker
  3. Grinding Italy