IPR Investigations

Intellectual Property is the exclusive right of a Brand Owner resulting from an original creative thought that has been translated into a copyright material or trademark. Hence, the brand owners are the lawful owners of the copyright or trademark.

The Egyptians Law strictly protect Intellectual Property Rights.
Law No. 82 of 2002 Pertaining to the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

There are some unscrupulous individuals who tend to turn a Nelson’s eye by indulging in the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit products of well known brands. The result of such illegal action is the loss of sales, a tarnished Brand Image and erosion of Brand Loyalty not to mention the ill effects of consumption by the consumer and the loss of revenue to the Government.

EPI International Enjoys strong connections with Intellectual Property authorities and law enforcement In Egypt and also strong connections with the Supervisory Board on exports and imports. Not only to make it easier to act on your behalf but to prevent any counterfeit products entering the Egyptian market.

We seek to maintain a well established and trustful relationship for the best service of our clients at all levels.

Our Services

  • Product analysis
  • Action plan
  • Investigation – locating counterfeit products in the Egyptian market via discreet investigations
  • Surveillance – gather intelligence information videos via surveillance and collect tangible evidences of infringement.
  • Market Scan – locating and collecting information about distributors, stockiest, wholesalers and retailers of counterfeit products.
  • High intelligence service of locating shipments of counterfeit products with cooperation of Supervisory Board on exports and import
  • Exposes the distribution pattern, collects material evidence
  • Take Instant Legal action to destroy all counterfeit products – close down factories and file for fine according to the Egyptian Law.

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