Background Investigations

See Through & Find The Truth

EPI International offers background checks and site visits for organizations and individuals of all shapes and sizes. Whether your company is looking for entry level employment background screening or a more comprehensive professional-level program, our team will customize a solution that is appropriate for your hiring policy, budget, and industry.

If you are in relationship with an individual located in Egypt and want to find all information about their background and current status, we can perform an investigation to provide you that information.

Background Investigations: It is important for you to know who your hiring/doing business with/entering emotional relationship with to minimize the risk of loss and fraud and to find the ultimate truth.

EPI International Provide Professional Investigative Services to obtain Evidence to be used in courts in Egypt or abroad our team identify which types of evidence are admissible to the court. Our Investigators  concentrate on what is considered evidence and which methods a private Investigator can use to ensure it remains admissible in the Egyptian or Foreign courts .

Type of Investigations:

  • Name , address and identity/Real Age Investigations in Egypt
  • Marital Status Investigations in Egypt – we provide Legal Marriage/Divorce certificates
  • Qualifications/school/college Investigations in Egypt
  • Gaps in Employment History Investigations
  • Pre/Post Employment Investigations in Egypt
  • Work Experience Checks in Egypt
  • Civil litigation Searches In Egypt
  • Professional Certificates Checks in Egypt
  • Mobile Numbers and Land Line Investigations In Egypt
  • Real Estate and Property ownership checks In Egypt
  • Marriage Fraud Investigations In Egypt
  • Check and verify the validity of passports
  • High Level Background checks
  • Credit history – bankruptcies checks In Egypt
  • Criminal History Check / Misdemeanor Investigations In Egypt
  • Vehicle Ownership checks in Egypt
  • Family Members / Relatives of individuals checks in Egypt

 Using our services

  • Enjoy access to unlimited sources all over Egypt.
  • We tell you where all the information we provide came from.
  • We provide a detailed report of our findings always supported with pictures / legal documents concerning each case
  • Manage your case online receive updates/reports/pictures/videos on your case via case management – by accessing secured page 24/7.
  • EPI International team high quality Licensed Private Investigators in egypt bonded and insured.


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