Marriage Fraud

Marriage Fraud In Egypt :

Marriage transcends religion, language, culture and age, in some cases, even gender. Although marital rights are recognized almost everywhere in the world, each country defines them differently. The reasons to marry include legal, social, emotional, economical, spiritual and religious factors, and vary across individuals as well as cultures. Some marriages are arranged while others are chosen via the internet or during a tour or visit to Egypt.

Marriage fraud is common in Egypt between Egyptian young men and foreign women. Mostly foreigners who came to Egypt for holiday in Hurghada – Sharm Elshikh – Luxor – Cairo – Red Sea and met with Egyptian men  working in the tourist field or those who date Egyptian men online.


  • Its important to Investigate your partner before entering a serious relationship especially if you have no idea about his/her background and the scams/fraud going on in the foreign region, there are thousands of victims of marriage fraud in Egypt – you do not want to be one!
  • Take enough time before making a decision like marriage
  • Do not include material interests in the relationship – you should be suspicious if he/she is asking for money.
  • Age gap – religion differences – culture differences won’t work most of the time.

Already victim of marriage fraud ?

EPI International can help you file a case of defamation and fraud on particular person along with the registrar of marriage that the marriage is a fraud. We can help you to reclaim as much as possible of your financial loss.

EPI International can help you to file for marriage fraud in court, anull marriage / divorce, retrieve financial rights wasted during marriage and actual financial rights for wife (alimony) and assist with child custody.

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