Debt Collections

Debt Collection Services by EPI International works with businesses and individuals all over the world to retrieve money owed to our clients by debtors in Egypt. Our genuine promise tells you that we’re specialists, confident of success every time. If it’s recoverable, we’ll recover it!

EPI international provide Investigations services in Egypt to locate and trace individuals, assist in the implementation of the court provisions – including bad debts or loans classified as non-performing.

On occasions, court proceedings are essential, and we will handle the process on your behalf and provide all the advice and guidance you need.

We set high standards and pride ourselves on providing an effective, efficient and ethical service. EPI international has experienced & satisfied customers in Egypt such as international banks, individuals – and abroad with companies and individuals all over the world.

Our core strength is our personal service – providing successful mediation, dispute resolution and installment planning to ensure successful debt recovery.

Our debt recovery services in Egypt:

  • Commercial Debt Recovery
  • Consumer Debt Recovery
  • Bulk Letter Service for volume debtors
  • Undisclosed Credit Control
  • Sales Ledger Management
  • Insolvency Recoveries
  • Company/Land Registry Searches
  • Status Reports & Credit Checks
  • Enquiry Agents & Tracing services

If you’re interested in improving your cash flow, contact us.