Official and urfi Marriage In Egypt

Marriage is one of the most significant events in most peoples’ lives, a joyous celebration, however for various reasons in due course they also end in divorce.

According to statistics, divorce rates across the world are at all time highs. Because of these divorce risks, it is prudent to be well prepared before becoming married.

Egypt Private Investigators have seen sharp increases in requests for marital status checks from foreign customers and overseas Pinoys with the investigations often focusing on girlfriends/boyfriends  and spouses. With the high degree of fraud in Egypt, verifying someone’s current marital status and history is an important security decision. Proceeding with a marriage to a egyptian man without one can be very costly.

In the Egypt as in most countries, the civil registrars manage records of births, marriages, and deaths.

But in Egypt and arab world there is another type of marriage which is not registered anywhere in the government
its called urfi Marriage  / Orfi Marriage

Urfi Marriage is marriage without official documents mostly couple repeat words ie” do you accept to marry me  ? ” and pledge commitment before God. Usually a paper, stating that the two are married, is written and two witnesses sign it. Most Islamic countries Including Egypt do not recognize urfi marriage and no partner can get a legal  divorce since the government does not recognize the legality of the marriage in the first place.

Its very important as woman marrying to Egyptian man to protect your rights , and have enough knowledge about the type of marriage
and do not go for Urfi marriage as its just a paper signed by both of you and if its lost then your all rights financial and if children involved all will be waived and will cause you a battle at court to fight for your rights back.

If you have any questions regarding to Urfi Marriage or Official Marriage  and the circumstances  follow it Feel Free to contact us