avoid fraud during your trip to Egypt

Marriage Fraud In Egypt

Egypt is the destination for millions of tourists and visitors from all over the world, travelling to tourist sites in the red sea such as hurghada ,sharm el sheikh , Taba, Dahab   or historical cities such as Luxor , cairo or alexandria seeking an amazing trip in the land of secrets.

unfortunately there is some egyptians men who work in tourists sites get into relationships with tourists women who came alone , most of these relationships considered fraud and scams as the love or marriage isn’t the strategic purpose of this relationship.
there is thousands of court cases in the egyptian courts dispute between egyptians and non-egyptians on financial matters or personal matters and abuse also the divorce rate between egyptians and non egyptians spouses has reached and exceeded any expectation.

Many marriages between Egyptians and non-egyptians are successful. However, there is red flag and warning against marriage fraud on the part of non-egyptians or the Egyptian. Entering into a marriage contract for the principal purpose of facilitating immigration or financial . law and can result in serious penalties, stay on the safe side do not take serious decision such as marraige into your relationship unless you know the other side of your future spouse.